Ridi was born as a consequence of the representation of the international brand Albertzips® in Portugal regarding zippers by the company Realfio – Têxteis, Lda, which, with a wide range of clients in the national market, has been established in the textile market since the early 80s.

In order to expand its presense and empower its service towards market’s needs through Realfio’s wide clientele, in 1995 Ridi is founded by the same owners of Realfio, allowing it to develop a vaster range of zipper products. Autonomously, Ridi collaborates Albertzips® international brand.

The production process starts with nylon zippers (spiral), but it did not take long before Ridi moved on to a diversification strategy. In 2004, the company also started to produce moulded zippers. After all the investments made and planned, including the transfer to new and extensive facilities in 2002, Ridi achieves the necessary requirements to satisfying customers' more challenging needs, producing in better conditions and on a larger scale.

In less than a decade, Ridi feels capable of providing the market with more solutions to its diverse needs, starting to manufacture metallic zippers. Accordingly, Ridi can reach more sectors, presenting the full range of zippers.


Ridi’s vision is to be the reference in the zippers market, assuming a continuous improvement and a permanent investment that favors innovation, in order to generate greater value to all stakeholders.

Accordingly, the mission of the company is to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of the customers, in regards of an economically sustainable production and commercialization of zippers, through a permanent presentation and adoption of innovative solutions, combined with a constant dialogue with all stakeholders.

The values of Ridi are part of its culture: Innovation, Integrity, and Commitment.


The first year of the new century is marked by the obtention of the certification standard 100, class I, by Oeko-Tex®, guaranteeing the non-use of dangerous components in the manufacture of the company's products.

The corporate effort and the solid management make Ridi a distinguished company as Excellence SME for several years. 2012 is the first of three consecutive years in which the company is distinguished by the prestigious prize, having been awarded once again in the year 2017.

As part of its innovative DNA, Ridi made it imperative to obtain Quality Certification (ISO 9001 standard).